September 23, 2020
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Medical Cannabis

THC.MBA - Medical Cannabis in Israel

THC.MBA Is an informational venture designed to provide information about medical cannabis according to its area of residence. Who is eligible for medical cannabis in Israel, how to apply for a license and who can help with filing - all in one place.

During the founding, we wanted to make it clear that cannabis may cure some of the serious and dark cures that modern medicine is facing. For example, healing strains of cancer, inhibiting the development of sclerosis The common and rising HIV virus.

Just select your area of residence, check if you are eligible and what next steps. Were here for YOU!

Medical cannabis in pharmacies

medical cannabis reform is the next stage of the Israeli cannabis market. According to the full model of the reform, the previous model of direct distribution to customers by the provider is abolished, and instead, the model stands for patients to purchase medical cannabis directly from the pharmacies, and they sell medical cannabis in Israel to their customers. In this model, there are medical cannabis prescriptions that indicate one or more dedicated products that a patient may purchase at the pharmacy. With the same prescription, the patient can access any pharmacy in the country to authorize the sale of medical cannabis and buy the product.

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Did you know Medical Cannabis

Did you know?

Nicotine level in 9 kg eggplant is the same as one cigarette.

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